Traditional Mediterranean dishes transferred to today with new aromas and some Asian hints — Lucia Murphy’s creative Mediterranean kitchen will surprise you with its fusion of herbs and spices, sweet and salty, fresh local produce and flavoured oils.

Lucia Murphy is also about cooking the traditional way: we love cooking food over open fire, or in fire pits preserving all the natural flavour of the product.


Friends and registered guests can enjoy our kitchen in our Finca Supper Club. You can either book a table for our regular Finca dinners or book a special Gourmet Journey to different countries.

For more information on our Supper Club, Gourmet Journeys and our events please contact us. If you want to learn more about Lucia Murphy’s cooking we also offer cooking courses and culinary trips around Mallorca.

Supper Club

The days and menus are set from week to week (vegetarian option always available).  For information on the dates as well as the menu contact us via Whatsapp or join our Facebook group ‘Lucia Murphy’s World — Art and Food’. Reservation minimum 1 day ahead via whatsapp or telephone.

Gourmet Journeys

Destinations and menu suggestions on request by phone, email, WhatsApp or in person.
Minimum of 4 persons, reservations at least 1 day in advance.